Powerful Advanced and Ultra Low Glare

The patio heaters from this advanced line from SunRed are equipped with powerful high performance ultra-low glare technology. The heaters from the Royal Diamond Dark range offer best in class performance with a wide range of models for maximizing and longer outdoor experience.

The new Rose Gold Carbon infrared heating element brings the heat intensity to the highest level, by using a high-quality Carbon Fiber element finished with Rose Gold technology. This creates a very intense heat experience, but with minimal light intensity.

In addition to light reduction, these Ultra Low Glare elements with rose gold technology also pay attention to a pleasant and attractive color of the remaining light, comparable to atmospheric candlelight on the terrace. The light reduction is therefore considerable, and even less than with a low glare Lamp. Ultra-Low Glare elements therefore give slightly less red light than Low Glare elements.

Models from the Dark-Line series from Sunred are:


The super-fast and high-quality heating elements ensure that once your patio heater is switched on, you will experience the maximum heat output within seconds. The lifespan of the element has been tested at 10,000+ burning hours, so you can outsmart the cold for several winters!

Some advantages of the patio heaters from the Royal Dark Dark line are: soft atmospheric light in addition to the efficient heating aspect, innovation, reliability, remote control, “soft touch” technology, intense heat perception, high water resistance – All SunRed patio heaters from the Royal Diamond line have an IP protection class of IP55 -and a long service life of the high-quality heating elements. Protective covers are available separately.