Overview & comparison of all product lines.
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The degree to which the heat feels on the body.


The amount of light emitted by the heater.

250 LUX

100 LUX

11.500 LUX


800 LUX

Whether the use of the Sunred app is possible.

Influence of wind:

What the amount of wind does to the feeling of warmth.

Extremely littleVery fewFewA lotA lotA lot

The way heat is released.

Short waveShort/Mid waveShort/Mid waveLong waveLong waveLong wave

Environment in which the heater performs best.

Outdoor & CoveredOutdoor & CoveredCoveredCovered / Out of the windCovered / Out of the windCovered / out of the wind
Burning hours:

The minimum burning hours.

10.000 H10.000 H8.000 H8.000 H3.000 H -

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Comfortable heat experience – Lots of light

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Comfortable heat experience

Infrared Halogen Technology max heat within seconds

Enjoy a good book

Heat + Light a combination of cozy warmth and ambiance light (11.500 LUX)

The reliable heat source

Proven short wave infrared technology for many years


Sunred heating tubes will last up to 8.000+ burning hours.


Intense heat– very low light

Sunred Dark, het krachtigste en meest duurzame ultra low glare element ter wereld. Met de nieuwste technologie van Sunred zorgen wij voor de beste warmteafgifte in combinatie met de laagste lichtintensiteit. We hebben dit mogelijk gemaakt door koolstofvezel te combineren met onze gepatenteerde laag(en) Rose Gold Technology. Dit zorgt ervoor dat onze Dark heaters een zachte gloed hebben, maar ook sfeervol blijven.

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High Performance

High Efficient Infrared Carbon Rose Gold Technology

Smooth power build-up

No peak voltage by build in soft starter

Say goodbye to bright red light

Ultra Low Glare middle wave infrared Technology with almost no light intensity (100 LUX)


Sunred heating tubes will last up to 10.000+ burning hours.


Atmospheric flames - Soft but intense heat experience

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Flexible and mobile

No electricity connection required.

Large heating range

Powerful heat source with a maximum power of up to 14,000 watts

Adjustable heat output

Easy to set to the desired heat setting by means of the rotary knob

Atmospheric through flames

Depending on which type of gas heater, a stylish one will appear on your terrace.


Comfortable heat experience - No light

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Soft heat experience

Efficient infrared long wave Black Heat technology

Take your time

Max power in a couple of minutes

No light at all!

Does not emit light or glow when in use

Performs best in half open areas

Wind influences the heat, can be compared with central heating.


Comfortable heat experience - Normal light intensity

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Soft heat experience

Infrared long wave Quartz technology

Take your time

Max power in a couple of minutes

Minimum brightness

No bright light when in use

Performs best in half open areas

Wind influences the heat, can be compared with central heating.


Strong heat experience – Low light

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Incredible Performance

Extreme Powerful high efficient Infrared Halogen Rose Gold Technology

Instant heat

Max power in less than a second

No bright light

Low Glare technology for minimal glare and light intensity (250 LUX)

Wind doesn't stand a chance

Extreme short wave infrared technology - warms the body from the inside out