Triangle Dark SMART Wall 2500

The first SMART heater from SUNRED® – easy to connect in your WiFi network with the Sunred App.  Equipped with Ultra Low Glare SUNRED® DARK technology. Up to 2500 watt 9 power levels smooth power build-up. Beat the cold with a device unlike any other.

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Light intensity
Max. wattage
2500 W


Ultra Low Glare with maximum control


Extra options:Multiple positions, Sunred App (mobile app)
Weight:3 KG
Hot zone:10 m2
Maximum heat range:25 m2
Wattage(s):2500 W
Heat element:Carbon Rose Gold Technology

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Enjoy the outdoors all year long with this wonderful SMART heater equipped with a powerful high performance – ultra low-glare technique -with a total power of 2500 Watts. No evening is too cold because you can set the right temperature in every situation with the 9 stage adjustable heating output up to 2500 Watt. Redefine the heat from your chair or lounge set. Connect the heater with the SUNRED® app and unlock easy access and control, or use the included remote control.

A great benefit is that the heater is equipped with a s soft starter for smooth power build-up with no peak voltage. The registered SUNRED® ultra low glare heating tubes will last up to 10.000+ burning hours. The Triangle Dark is provided with soft touch technology and a wall bracket.

Product line


  • High Performance

    High Efficient Infrared Carbon Rose Gold Technology
  • Smooth power build-up

    No peak voltage by build in soft starter
  • Say goodbye to bright red light

    Ultra Low Glare middle wave infrared Technology with almost no light intensity (100 LUX)
  • Durable

    Sunred heating tubes will last up to 10.000+ burning hours.