Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to the most frequently asked questions.

Sunred App

In general, the garden often has poor WiFi coverage. This is because the walls and the outer door (s) partially block the WiFi signal. A router is often located in a meter box at the front of the house because the network is stored here.

Only compatible with 2.4 GHz networks

Which of the situations below applies most to you? 

  1. I am right behind my house – distance is about 5 meters from your house.In situation 1, we recommend that you install a WiFi repeater or a powerline adapter with WiFi.
  1. I am on a veranda/patio – distance is about 10-15 meters from your house.For situation 2 in the case of a veranda, we recommend installing a powerline adapter with WiFi.
  1. I am in the (back)garden – distance is about 15-20 meters from your house.For situation 3 in the case of an open garden house or a roof with multiple walls, we recommend installing a mifi router.


Warning! – Before first use
It is important that you have mounted the patio heater on the wall before connecting the device to a modem or network.

Using your smartphone, check whether your WiFi signal is strong enough. We recommend that you install a WiFi analyzer app to measure your WiFi signal strength. Our advice is that the WiFi signal should be at least 60-65 dBm for good communication between your patio heater and your modem or network. The location for measuring the signal strength is with your mounted patio heater.


In order to use our app, you must give access to your location. After you agree, you can use our app. Make sure your phone’s location settings are turned on.

1 When using for the first time, the patio heater will begin to delineate a virtual geographical area using GPS to allow you to use the appliance in a safe and a responsible way.

Before you start: Download and install the Sunred app.
The app be found in the iOS or Android Store.


  1. Check the firewall settings in your modem or network.
  2. Check your signal strength.
  3. The location for measuring your WiFi signal strength is with your mounted patio heater. This can be done through a WiFi analyzer app.
  4. View the step-by-step plan to connect your patio heater to a modem or network. These are illustrated for your convenience. Or watch the instruction video online.
  1. Install and open the Sunred app.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Make sure your location settings are enabled on your phone. The connection may take a few minutes.
    Important: Do not close the Sunred app and do not switch off the patio heater!
  1. Read the Sunred terms and conditions and privacy policy, then tap ‘Agree to the terms’. Tap on ‘Next’.
  2. Register your patio heater by creating an account 2
  3. Complete the registration process.
  4. Your smart patio heater is ready for use. Manage and control your patio heater remotely. 3. Enjoy the outdoors longer and experience comfortable heat.


3 Depending on your garden situation, you can safely operate the patio heater from the appliance within a radius of 1 to 20 meters. Geo-fencing1 ensures that the location of the patio heater to the app user is predetermined from this location.

Simple yet innovative touch control allows you to operate the smart patio heater quickly and remotely.

Available for Android and iOS.