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At Sunred we believe in the importance of enjoying free time. Enhancing your well-being by developing unique and effective outdoor heating solutions. We aim to provide you the best outdoor heating solutions, all year round.


Sunred is a high-end yet affordable brand. Rather than just communicating with technical features, which are sometimes difficult to understand for customers, Sunred focuses on design and offers lifestyle experience to customers. Sunred believes that the products should blend well with the exterior.

By playing an active role in all phases of the purchase process, before- during and after, Sunred is able to create a full brand experience for consumers

Throughout the year Relevancy

It is often said that a patio heater is only sold in particular seasons. However, with the latest technologies, Sunred is able to offer the possibility to live the outdoor living all year round.



Christmas holidays



Get rid of the winter blues



Make the most of the Extend the summer evenings



Extend the summer evenings summer

The need to live outdoor

Since mankind people live outdoor. It’s in our nature, in our blood. The last centuries this has changed to indoors due to the industrial revolution. Living outdoor, we love it. Sunred helps you live your outdoor life whenever you need to. Because you are meant to, because you are used to

The Smart Heat System

Latest technologies make it possible to connect the heater with the Sunred app and unlock easy access and control.

Reinventing patio heating for today and tomorrow

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The most advanced heating technology

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A complete range of good quality patio heaters.


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