Sunred Heater Sun and Sound Wall 2000

Sunred Sun & Sound Wall 2000 – strong heat release – low glare – max 22 m2

Are you loving it to sit outdoors? But, is it just a little too cold and it is lacking a bit of ambiance? This new Sunred Sun and Sound gives powerful warmth and also ensures that you can connect to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. This way, you can put on your favorite music, when you are being warmed up by the heater in the meantime. The heating element consists of a rose gold element. This element gives intense heat, through extra reflection of a layer of gold leaf. The rosé-effect finish also gives a soft glow, so that the light won’t annoy the eye. Extra nice feature of element? It heats your body from the inside, so a breeze has little or no influence on the heat distribution.

Due to the sleek design, this Sunred also proves its value when you do not use the patio heater. The wall model is easy to install, because Sunred always supplies a wall bracket for an easy and fast installation. After that installation you can easily switch on the heater with the remote control. Within 5 seconds you experience the pleasant warmth and a little later you turn on the atmospheric music to make your evening complete.



Features of the Sunred Sun & Sound Wall 2000

  • Combine warmth and music
  • Rose Golden tube heating element
  • 2,000 watts
  • Including remote control
  • Includes wall bracket
  • Maximum heat output within 5 seconds