Our product lines

Overview of our product lines

Sunred offers a wide range of different patio heaters to make the outdoors a lot more pleasant.


intense heat – ultra low glare

The patio heaters from this advanced line from SunRed are equipped with powerful high performance ultra-low glare technology. The heaters from the Royal Diamond Dark range offer best in class performance with a wide range of models for maximizing and longer outdoor experience.



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strong heat perception – low glare

Everyone enjoys uninterrupted warmth from sunshine! All electric SunRed heaters work with a healthy infrared heat radiation. We have a wide range of patio heaters for every occasion. Moreover, with the latest technologies from SunRed, we offer the best solution all year round to enjoy the outdoors longer.



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comfortable heat experience – a lot of light

The ARTIX line is specially designed to complete and beautify your catering terrace. Get more from your catering terrace with a powerful design heater from this range of SunRed heaters.



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comfortable heat experience – a lot of light

Back in time with this retro look? Surely not, because these modern infrared patio heaters are equipped with the most modern gadgetry. Like the NEW Rose Gold Carbon infrared heating element to bring the heat intensity to the highest level. The heating element uses a high-quality Carbon Fiber element that is finished with Rose Gold technology. This creates a very intense heat experience, with minimal light intensity.



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