Sunred Heater Elektra Standing 2000

Sunred Elektra Standing 2000 – Soft heat release – low glare – max 16 m2

An affordable model, but you still get the opportunity to adjust the heat to your own wishes. This Sunred Elektra 2000 has a quartz heating element, which is adjustable in three different settings. Ranging from 650, 1300 to 2000 watts. Advantage of quartz? Both the environment and the body are heated, making this element especially suitable for the (semi) enclosed outdoor areas. You can easily change power settings with the pull cord.

Another big advantage of this patio heater? The heating element is adjustable in height, so you can switch between 180 centimetres and 210 centimetres. Determine yourself where you feel the heat. The heater has a fall protection. This means that the heater automatically switches off when it falls over. However, that chance is small, because the weighted base keeps the Sunred Elektra firmly in place.



Features of the Sunred Elektra Standing 2000

  • Quartz heating element
  • 3 different positions
  • 650, 1,200 and 2,000 watts
  • Adjustable in height
  • With fall protection

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