Sunred Heater Sirius Hanging Black 2100

Sunred Sirius Hanging Black 2100 – comfortable heat release – bright light – max 22 m2

With this Sunred Sirius 2100 you are assured of an evening or day at a pleasant temperature. This hanging infrared patio heater has a maximum capacity of 2100 Watts. The halogen element also ensures that the heat dissipation is not disturbed by the wind, because the heat is comparable with the warmth of the sun. I fit gets too warm, you can always choose to limit the power with the remote control. Just switch easily back to 900 or 1200 Watts.

In addition to the heat distribution, you can also use this Sirius 2100 as a light. If it is too warm (or warm enough) outside, then this Sunred proves its value with the LED lighting. The heater will be delivered with an installation chain, so you do not need extra attributes for a successful installation. After installation you have the maximum heat output in your veranda, terrace or garden. And all that in less than 5 seconds.



Features of the Sunred Sirius Hanging Black 2100

  • Halogen heating element
  • Matt black look
  • 3 diffferent settings: 900, 1200 and 2100 Watts
  • With remote control
  • With LED lighting
  • With installation chain
  • Optimum heat output within 5 seconds

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