Retro heaters

Back in time with this retro look? Surely not, because these modern infrared patio heaters are equipped with the most modern gadgetry. Like the NEW Rose Gold Carbon infrared heating element to bring the heat intensity to the highest level. The heating element uses a high-quality Carbon Fiber element that is finished with Rose Gold technology. This creates a very intense heat experience, with minimal light intensity.

Designed in a trendy design from earlier years, this style gives an authentic and special atmosphere to your garden and terrace. The retro look has become very hip again in recent years for the garden. But do not confuse this with vintage… Retro is all about new products in a 60’s or 70’s look, while vintage is about genuine authentic items from back then.

A retro garden exudes peace, atmosphere and openness. We want to achieve a calm, authentic, but lively environment, ideal for garden parties and long BBQ evenings. Make room for a lovely lounge area near your patio heater, with the included remote control, this will give the garden a warm atmosphere. Combine retro items with real authentic vintage for the best meeting between old and new in the garden.

The SunRed retro line consists of the following series:


Some advantages of the patio heaters from the retro line are: beautiful retro design, proven OutTrade technology and reliability, a number of models with ultra-low glare, powerful Royal Diamond Dark element, layer of rose gold leaf provides extra reflection and more intense warmth, with remote control, with a heat resistant black finish, included remote control and high water resistance: IP44 to IP55.