Proglax Gastro Wall/Hanging Black 2000

Isn’t it amazing you can operate your patio heater with your smartphone from the comfort of your lounge chair! SUNRED® introduces this beautiful Proglax wall and ceiling heater in a Smart version. With this modern heater which provides you the option to switch on your patio heater or set a setting higher or lower by pressing your mobile phone, you will certainly succeed. An additional advantage is that the atmosphere is not disturbed by light pollution from excessive red glow from the heat source due to the use of the high-quality Nextrema Schott glass finish.

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Light intensity
Max. wattage
2000 W

Made to be seen

A combination of cosy warmth and ambiance light


Heat element:Halogen Rose Gold Technology
Wattage(s):2000 W
Weight:3,6 KG
Extra options:Sunred App (mobile app)
Hot zone:9 m2
Maximum heat range:24 m2

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Nowadays, more and more items around the house are becoming “SMART”. SUNRED® is proud to  introduce its modern Proglax wall and ceiling heater in a Smart version that efficiently heats outdoor spaces, without disturbing the atmosphere by light pollution of excessive red glow from the heat source. This Smart Proglax heater is equipped with high-quality Nextrema® Schott glass in a modern triangular housing.

Nextrema® Schott glass is a versatile, heat and shock resistant material that has strong heat output and minimal light diffusion. At the same time, it provides a modern look-and-feel to your garden or (catering) terrace.

Control the heater by means of your smartphone (compatible with Android and iOS devices). With the app you have the following features available:

  • Using the patio heater remotely
  • Controlling heat settings – with up to 5 heat settings
  • Set timer function
  • Handy overview page – especially useful when you have more than one heater hanging
  • Outside temperature

Equipped with powerful high performance – ultra low glare technology – with a total power

of 2000 watts you are able to extend your night to the max! The heater is switchable in 5 positions. The new Halogen Rose Gold infrared heating element brings the heat intensity to the highest level.

A high-quality infrared element finished with Rose Gold technology is used. It goes without saying that these intelligent heaters are very popular, especially for gastronomy range, due to the high-quality finish and strong housing. The new addition to the SUNRED® range is including a wall bracket, protective cover and remote control.  The heater is also equipped with a practical hanging system, so that it can also be attached to the ceiling of your outdoor area.  In addition, the Proglax Smart heater can be connected to the home network by means of a handy app. The only thing you need is WiFi range in the garden or on the terrace to use this function.

Once the patio heater is mounted and switched on , you will experience the maximum heat output within seconds. The expected lifespan of the element has been tested at 10,000+ burning hours, so you can outsmart the cold for many seasons!

The new, water-resistant and powerful infrared SMART heater provides efficient heat in all indoor and outdoor areas with a degree of protection of IP55 against water and dust!

Features of the SUNRED® Smart Heater Gastro Proglax Wall/Hanging 2000

  • Beautiful triangle design with Schott glass finished in a matt black finish
  • Connect to your home WiFi network (2.4 & 5.0 Ghz)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Powerful patio heater from the SUNRED® range – efficient infrared with an extremely short wave heating element. High-quality technology with a superior element.
  • Very intense heat experience due to extra reflection of layer of rose gold leaf
  • Odor neutral, no noise, environmentally friendly with an emission value of almost zero
  • Very soft glow, not bright to the eyes – very little light
  • Switchable in 5 different positions
  • Soft touch technology (with light touch switching between the different power settings)

Supplied including remote control, protective cover, wall bracket and ceiling mounting kit

Product line


  • Incredible performance

    Extremely powerful, highly efficient infrared Halogen Rose Gold heating element
  • Instant heat

    Maximum power in less than a second
  • No bright light

    Low Glare Technology for minimal glare and light intensity (250 LUX)
  • Wind doesn't stand a chance

    Extreme short wave infrared technology - warms the body from the inside out